Behind The Bean

Location: Village of Pondok Ulung, subdistrict of Bener Meriah, province of Aceh

Farm: KSU Buana Mandiri (small family-run farms)

Varieties: Catimor, Ateng, Tim Tim and Bourbon

Altitude: 1,200-1,500 masl

Growth: Shade Grown

Process: Giling Basah Semi-Washed

Drying: Sun Died

Harvest Season: October - December

Double Espresso Shot:

1. Pulp is the main source of fertilizer.
2. Hand-picked twice to remove defects.

These beans are grown with love from small family-run farms (KSU Buana Mandiri). The Sumatran way for processing is called Giling Basah. They hand-pick the cherries, pulp, ferment, semi-wash, sun dry, and then machine and hand sort to remove defects.