Behind The Bean

Location: Yirgacheffe region in Southern Ethiopia, Africa

Founded: YCFCU was founded in 2002 and represents 23 member cooperatives

Varieties: Ethiopian Heirloom (Gem)

Altitude: 1,410-2,000 masl

Process: Washed Method

Drying: Sun Died

Harvest Season: September - December

Coffee With A Cause:
YCFCU supports over 300,000 families and gives back through helping children go to school, provide electricity, build bridges, and provider transportation.

Ethiopia is the epic home of the coffee plant. It's estimated that there are between six and ten thousand coffee varieties in Ethiopia alone — yes, six to ten thousand! One of the very finest comes from the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (YCFCU) and the renowned Yirgacheffe region. This heirloom bean grows in high elevations under a soft canopy of native shade trees and has a diehard following among coffee fanatics.