Behind The Bean

Location: A valley in  the Brunca region located in the Coto Brus canton along the slopes of the famous Talamanca mountain range

Farm: La Alianza: Asociación Alianza de Familias Productoras Orgánicas

Members: 260 members: 100 women

Varieties: Catuai, Caturra

Type: Strictly Hard Bean

Altitude: 850-1,100 masl

Process: Honey processed

Temperature: 18° to 26° Celsius

Rainfall: 3500 mm per year

Harvest Season: October - March

The process for honey beans falls between the washed and natural/dry methods of processing beans and is not particularly common outside of Central America. For honey beans, the cherry peel is removed but some of the sticky mucilage beneath the coffee cherry's skin remains while the beans dry. The mucilage is both sticky and very sweet, much like honey.